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MistressofUrSoul may not what you expect out of a fetish webcam mistress, just because she is so stunning to look at. Of course, there are plenty of attractive women on fetish webcams, but I haven’t seen many with the body that MistressofUrSoul. She demands her slaves to tell her how amazing she looks, and there is a good reason for that. She is thin, curvy, and absolutely tantalizing in leather. I think I’d bow down to her if I ever saw her in person…seriously.

MistressofUrSoul definitely knows how to work with a whip. If you say something out of line or hesitate to answer her when she speaks to you, she will use it on whatever object is around her at the time to illustrate the punishment you would have to go through if you were there with her. The cracking sounds that her whips make are enough to make you feel the pain straight through the fetish webcam. I’m really glad that I found her.

Sometimes MistressofUrSoul will wear sunglasses in the middle of her fetish cam sessions to mask part of her face from her slaves. If you happen to be her slave at that time, you have to beg to see her eyes and hope that you can be a good enough pet to have her take the glasses off. MistressofUrSoul doesn’t take much of anything off though, but that is because she likes to keep her slaves begging for more. As we all know though, you don’t always have to see the goods to get turned on by the idea of them.

As a whole, I think MistressofUrSoul deserves a 10 out of 10 for her fetish cams. She’s sultry, seductive, and mean as fuck when she needs to be. I don’t know if I could ask for any more out of a fetish webcam mistress than that. You’ll have to see for yourself if you can get pleasure from the abuse of MistressofUrSoul.