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CruelPrincess uses simple props with mistress webcams to give you a unique view of her without a ton of clutter in the background. She might have a briefcase or a fan in the room, but not much more than that. Of course, she always has a whip to punish her slaves when they are behaving badly, but she tries to keep everything else clean behind her so you, as the slave, don’t get distracted.
It seems like this fetish webcam mistress loves the attention that only a mistress could get. She thrives on her slaves telling her that she is beautiful, and she doesn’t like it when her slaves look elsewhere during her mistress cam chats. If you want to be a good slave to this queen, you have to be attentive and giving at all times.
CruelPrincess is a fantastic fetish boot mistress, although she does wear heels sometimes as well. She always keeps her toes painted, and sometimes she puts her face close to her mistress webcam and demands her slaves to lick her feet. I love licking her toes clean, personally, but that’s just me.
She has a very sexy voice, one that could make your dick stand up straight from the first word. She doesn’t say much though. She just lets her movement and her whip do the talking. She made me beg to see her body, which I was looking forward to. She denied me the chance to every time though. She said I wasn’t good enough for her, and that she had better slaves out there already. She made me feel like crap, but that’s what I was looking for I guess.
Whether you’re new to fetish webcams chats or you’ve been around the block a few times, CruelPrincess can certainly show you a good time and make you her slave in a matter of minutes. Check out her show and see if you can be a good boy for her tonight.