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The thing I love about MistressDeeDee is that she actually sets up a scene for her slaves. It’s not like some fetish webcams where you just see a dorm room in the background that you’re supposed to imagine as a dungeon. She actually makes you feel like a slave in her home. She’s used a few different settings with me, but they all have an ominous vibe that works well with the seriousness of her slave training.

I always get this strong urge to have her facesit for me whenever I have fetish cams with her. I don’t know if that’s because of the constant demand for pleasure or if that is just because I find this dominatrix to be so fucking sexy. Whatever the case may be, I would gladly pay to have her twat all over my tongue if I could. I think any good slave would.

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I have a decent amount of torture devices on hand that my mistresses can use to virtually torture me with, and MistressDeeDee mistress cam said that she liked seeing a slave that came prepared. You might want to take note of that if you go into a session with her. Try to get a range of items that she can make you use on yourself, and for fuck’s sake – make sure you know how to use them.

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