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MissShaya has some of the best lips I have ever seen on a fetish webcam mistress. They are thick and juicy – a tease in and of themselves. Aside from her massive lips though, MissShaya has a lot to offer a slave in need of training. She is a temptress, and a good one at that. She can work any mistress cam she gets in front of.
Most of my fetish webcams sessions with MissShaya have involved her sitting in front of the cam telling me things to do. This is different than a lot of mistress cams I have been in because she makes me do all of the work as her slave. I like that more in some regards because it gives me a chance to be fully loyal to her has my mistress. I get to please her the way she deserves to be pleased.
If you want to please MissShaya properly, you have to tell her how badly you want her. She has to know how beautiful she is and how much you would want to make her the happiest woman in the world. She thrives on the attention she gets from her slaves, and she makes sure that her pets know how much she means to them. If you do not worship her as she expects, you cannot get the full pleasures of being her slave.
MissShaya is a fetish nail mistress, and she always talks about the scratches she leaves on her slaves in real life. She likes to run her fingernails on her skin and show just a small glimpse of what you may feel on your skin if you were with her. She can be abusing with her nails, but she can also be teasing with them. She loves to make her slaves run wild with imagination or her.
MissShaya is one of a kind fetish webcam performer, and she is truly comfortable being a fetish cams woman. She treats all of her slaves like the filthy piles of dirt she sees them as, and she expects to be praised for giving up part of her time for a mistress webcam session. Any slave would be lucky to call this woman his mistress, so you should take note of that if you are thinking about a mistress cam chat with MissShaya. If you can be loyal to her, she will reward you handsomely.