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One thing that makes MistressRoxxie unique is her fiery red hair. Of course, I can’t promise that she will still have it whenever you go see her, but as far as I know, she’s got this brilliant red hair that makes her quite striking to look at. She’s also got a few great tattoos that are perfect for slaves that have a fetish for ink. She displays some of those tattoos in her fetish webcams, so you can see some fantastic ink whenever you have a fetish cam chat with her.

I’ve seen MistressRoxxie in a few different settings, so don’t assume that all of your fetish cam chats with her are going to be the same. She likes to wear different costumes and be in different parts of her house when she can. You can always expect something exciting from her.

This is a busty mistress, but she doesn’t like it when her slaves stare at her breasts. She may play with them and ask for a slave to tell her how amazing they are, but she will immediately punish him if he stares for too long. It is hard for me to resist most of the time because her tits are so supple and creamy white. I can handle the punishment if I have to.

I remember one fetish cams session I had with MistressRoxxie involved her as a pirate and me as one of the members of her crew. It was a different experience that seemed pretty damn realistic when we got into it. She used pirate language and made me imply different ways that I would please her body while I cleaned the ship. It took a bit of imagination, but it was well worth the effort in the end.

If you’ve been through the rounds of fetish webcams and are looking for something new in your life, MistressRoxxie could definitely be that. She’s a feisty redheaded mistress who likes good slaves that learn quickly. Devote yourself to her and you should be in good shape.