Smoking mistress webcamAh, MistressJoan – the smoking mistress that gets more satisfaction from her cigarettes than she ever could from her slaves. I’ve had several fetish cams with MistressJoan in the past, and they have almost all involved a lot of smoking, and a lot of control on my part trying to keep my erection from bursting out of my pants. I guess you could say I have no complaints…none.

MistressJoan loves to blow smoke at the camera so I can’t see her for a few seconds at a time. This makes me only want her more as there is an air of mystery about the way she looks. Every smoking mistress cam I have with her is highly erotic but also humiliating at the same time. How I would love to suck in all of the smoke that came from her plump lips and let it fill my body. She says I would never have a chance in hell of getting that kind of pleasure from her, and I don’t deny her for denying a loser of that. It’s what I want in the end.

You know, from the outside, MistressJoan actually looks kind of sweet. She’s not the kind of woman I would expect to be a badass dominatrix at night, but she is so good at punishing her slaves during any fetish cam session she conducts. She is incredibly demanding, and she makes me do things that no other master has ever made me do. I don’t want to tell you the juicy details though. That may ruin your fun surprises later on.

For the most part, I would describe MistressJoan as classy and elegant. She is a busty mistress with breasts large enough to feel right through a web camera, but she keeps them contained in a way that is both proper and intoxicating at the same time. I am always anxious to see what outfit she will be wearing for our next dominatrix cam because it is almost never the same two times over. She has a whole selection of sophisticated fetishwear to pull from at any time.

I’d recommend MistressJoan to any slave looking for a good smoking mistress cam session or a busty mistress to admire online. This high class, strict, and gorgeous dominatrix is one of a kind, and she is worth every penny you may spend on a session with her.


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