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Real cruel humiliatrix on webcam CruelKira

Mistress camsCrueKira is a bitch, in a good way of course. She thinks that all men are worthless scum, and she humiliates any slave that comes into her chat room. This humiliatrix has seen a lot of dicks on fetish cams, and she doesn’t seem to be impressed by any of them. She is cruel, ruthless, strict, and demanding. Sounds like the perfect woman to me.

CrueKira is a latex mistress, and part of her strategy in fetish cams is to tease her slaves with her amazing body while she makes fun of how poorly they would satisfy her. The tight latex hugs her every curve, but it never comes off to reveal what is lurking behind the mysterious fabric. Pair the latex catsuits with high heeled boots, and you have a goddess to look at that expects to be worship whenever you have a mistress cam chat with her.

The last time I had a mistress cam chat with CrueKira, I was absolutely humiliated. She talked about everything from my small cock and balls to my lack of money and lopsided nipples. She made fun of the fact that I couldn’t control my raging erection, and then when I wasn’t hard, she made fun of how little of a man I was for not being attracted to her. It was like I couldn’t win, but then again, I like losing. I just did everything this cruel mistress expected of me and hoped I could somehow show her my loyalty.

CrueKira loves to use handcuffs during her fetish cams. I always try to have a pair on hand when I’m in a chat with her so I seem like I am prepared. CrueKira does not like to wait for her slaves to get their toys and torture devices. She expects them to be ready to worship, grovel, and humiliate themselves for her. No matter how strict she may be, I always find myself wanting more of her. I guess that’s just the slave coming out in me.

If you want to be told how much of a worthless piece of shit you really are, CrueKira is the woman to talk to. You won’t find another humiliatrix like her on the web, and you’ll probably waste money on fetish cams looking for something better. I’d recommend her services to any pet out there in need of a master. She’ll train you to be the best little slave you can be.


Fetish cams and Serious Mistress Cams

GoddessNadine Latex Mistress Webcam

Mistress webcamsGoddessNadine is a boot mistress that is really into degradation and humiliation. This is the latex mistress to go to if you want someone to tell you just how much of a filthy, worthless loser you really are. She loves to tease men about the size of their cocks, and she also loves her slaves to explain how pathetic they are. They don’t deserve her. No one does. Sound like your kind of fun? I thought so…

GoddessNadine fits into just about every fetish cam category you can think of. She wears a lot of latex and usually has boots on, but she also wears fetish masks and fishnets during her fetish webcams. She could be your foot mistress just as easily as she could be your boot mistress and anything in between. As long as you are worshipping her in some way, you should be fine.

This is an experienced fetish cam model, so you do not have to worry about fumbling around during your slut training. She knows how to command a man or woman to do whatever she wants them to sexually, and she knows what it takes to turn a regular Joe into a bona fide sissy boy in a matter of a few fetish cams. This mistress could definitely offer you a chance to get where you want to be in the dom world, which is on the bottom with all the other crap that you compare to.

I believe one of GoddessNadine’s favorite things to do in her webcam sessions is have her slaves worship whatever she is wearing on her feet at the time. That is usually a pair of boots, but sometimes it is something entirely different. I like to keep a pair of boots on hand so I can lick them and pretend they are hers in real if. I know they are not, but this helps me play into my fantasy of being with her a little bit more.

I’d be afraid to meet GoddessNadine in real life because I have a feeling I would be in pain for life. She’s that damn good at her job as a dom. She’ll deny your orgasms and make you wish you were never born at times. Then again, she will always have you craving for more. Give it a go with GoddessNadine and see what you think of her work as a boot mistress.

MissGiulia Boot Fetish Cams Queen

Fetish webcams mistressAre you looking for someone to fantasize about day after day? How about a boot mistress that you would love to trample all over you? I know that I’m always looking for new women like that, and MissGiulia is definitely one of them. She is a fantastic boot mistress with experience in slave training and many other areas of fetish cams. I’d recommend her to slaves old and new.

I mentioned that MissGiulia is a boot mistress because she almost always has heels on to trample her slaves with. She is a big fan of heel and boot worship, and she expects her slaves to kiss her feet and accept any punishment she wants to do with them. Ah, you have no idea how much I would love for her to smash those boots all over my balls. I’d kiss the bruises I got from her every night to treasure them. If only I could see her in real life. Sigh.

On top of her boot work though, this fetish webcam dom is also a nail mistress. MissGiulia keeps her nails perfectly polished and cut, and she expects her slaves to notice that and compliment her on it. Her slender fingers look so fucking tasty with those nails on them. You have no idea. I guess you could though if you had a few fetish webcams with her. That might not be a bad idea.

I love to see a strong woman puffing on a cigarette, which is exactly what MissGiulia does. I cannot resist whenever I see her smoking. I just want to be there to inhale the intoxicatingly rejected smoke and wait as she drops her hot ashes on my face. She does not let me smoke or drink whenever I have fetish webcams with her because she says I am not worthy of that kind of pleasure. Thus I let my queen have all of that pleasure for herself while I watch in agony.

There isn’t a lot to say about MissGiulia because you’ll see all the glory about her when you actually have a chat session with her. Whether you like her sexy body or her cocky attitude, there is something that you will probably find yourself praising about MissGiulia. Take the time to get to know her and you’ll be her slave in no time at all.

Ass worship fetish cam mistress MistressofUrSoul

Dominatrix camWow, talk about a mistress with an ass. MistressofUrSoul definitely has one. If you’re into ass worship fetish cams or you just want to see some praise worthy junk in the trunk, MistressofUrSoul could provide the perfect fetish webcams for you. She is a bona fide fetish cam mistress with a smoking hot body and an evil personality to mach. She’ll make you wish you’d never even sought out a dominatrix in the first place – in a good way of course.

MistressofUrSoul may not what you expect out of a fetish webcam mistress, just because she is so stunning to look at. Of course, there are plenty of attractive women on fetish webcams, but I haven’t seen many with the body that MistressofUrSoul. She demands her slaves to tell her how amazing she looks, and there is a good reason for that. She is thin, curvy, and absolutely tantalizing in leather. I think I’d bow down to her if I ever saw her in person…seriously.

MistressofUrSoul definitely knows how to work with a whip. If you say something out of line or hesitate to answer her when she speaks to you, she will use it on whatever object is around her at the time to illustrate the punishment you would have to go through if you were there with her. The cracking sounds that her whips make are enough to make you feel the pain straight through the fetish webcam. I’m really glad that I found her.

Sometimes MistressofUrSoul will wear sunglasses in the middle of her fetish cam sessions to mask part of her face from her slaves. If you happen to be her slave at that time, you have to beg to see her eyes and hope that you can be a good enough pet to have her take the glasses off. MistressofUrSoul doesn’t take much of anything off though, but that is because she likes to keep her slaves begging for more. As we all know though, you don’t always have to see the goods to get turned on by the idea of them.

As a whole, I think MistressofUrSoul deserves a 10 out of 10 for her fetish cams. She’s sultry, seductive, and mean as fuck when she needs to be. I don’t know if I could ask for any more out of a fetish webcam mistress than that. You’ll have to see for yourself if you can get pleasure from the abuse of MistressofUrSoul.


CruelPrincess Fetish cams mistress

Cruel MistressCruelPrincess is an interesting fetish cam mistress, to say the least. She’s incredibly sexy, with a slender frame and the perfect proportions for any woman to have. In her fetish cams sessions, she knows how to put a slave in his place and fast. She does not let you talk unless she says something to you, and she does not let you see any part of her body that she has chosen to cover up. She makes the decisions in the mistress cam session. Period.
CruelPrincess uses simple props with mistress webcams to give you a unique view of her without a ton of clutter in the background. She might have a briefcase or a fan in the room, but not much more than that. Of course, she always has a whip to punish her slaves when they are behaving badly, but she tries to keep everything else clean behind her so you, as the slave, don’t get distracted.
It seems like this fetish webcam mistress loves the attention that only a mistress could get. She thrives on her slaves telling her that she is beautiful, and she doesn’t like it when her slaves look elsewhere during her mistress cam chats. If you want to be a good slave to this queen, you have to be attentive and giving at all times.
CruelPrincess is a fantastic fetish boot mistress, although she does wear heels sometimes as well. She always keeps her toes painted, and sometimes she puts her face close to her mistress webcam and demands her slaves to lick her feet. I love licking her toes clean, personally, but that’s just me.
She has a very sexy voice, one that could make your dick stand up straight from the first word. She doesn’t say much though. She just lets her movement and her whip do the talking. She made me beg to see her body, which I was looking forward to. She denied me the chance to every time though. She said I wasn’t good enough for her, and that she had better slaves out there already. She made me feel like crap, but that’s what I was looking for I guess.
Whether you’re new to fetish webcams chats or you’ve been around the block a few times, CruelPrincess can certainly show you a good time and make you her slave in a matter of minutes. Check out her show and see if you can be a good boy for her tonight.

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