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Live mistress need cam slaves right now !

Live fetish camsWell , I m a very happy slave today . I ve finally got a the fetish webcam lady of my dreams… my slave dreams! This live mistress will just give me what I need : a really hard webcam slave training and some humiliation! She can even punish me and control me on webcam … can you imagine ? Your life controlled by a cam mistress 24/7 ! Every day , every hour , every minute ! I can advice this live mistress on webcam to all of you that are serious about webcam domination and I can also advice this fetish cam mistress to all the boot lovers! Yeah… this live dominatrix have really a lot of lovely boots and will walk on you  like no other! These days those fetish cams are making me really crazy , I can say that its even better than real dommes … I want you to try this mistress once and then judge yourself what you are going to get there ! Go and obey!



This somoking webcam mistress is ready to dominate you

smoking fetishHello fetish webcams addicted . Here we have a real nasty and serious smoking mistress! I ve got her online and I can not stop to worship this live dominatrix . She is there anytime I need to be humiliated and she is that type of real humiliatrix you really will never forget ! Actually I really wish I could spend with her all my time and just dedicate my whole slave life to her , to serve her and give her everything I ve . Looking at her smoking while she is on webcam giving me orders is a real privilege and not everyone can understand how much I love this domme. But if you are a slave and would like to dedicate yourself to a webcam mistress or you simply are a fetish webcams love then I strongly advice you to pay a visit to this live fetish cam mistress and maybe she will give you a chance to serve her . Just obey the mistress and be sure to come back on my fetish cams blog to read about even more REAL live dominatrix webcams

MistressNicolle mistress webcam need slaves to train NOW!

Mistress webcamsMistressNicolle is a very creative dominatrix. I must say that she has an extensive collection of toys to use in her fetish cams, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen her use the same one more than once to train me. She is great for pets out there who may be looking for a variety of different positions and punishments to try out during their dominatrix cam sessions. She is also great for newbie slaves that need some hard core training to understand how to fully submit themselves to their masters. You might find her to be the perfect dom for you.

Whenever I feel like I am lacking some sort of sissy boy qualities I need to be a good slave, I turn to MistressNicolle to train me the way I need to be trained. She makes me want to strive to be the perfect slave in every way possible, and she also makes me question why I ever sought training from any other webcam mistress online. I’ve been with other mistresses, obviously, but their slave training was subpar to MistressNicolle’s. I’d let her whip me into shape any day, literally.

MistressNicolle can smoke like no other. I find it incredibly erotic to see my mistresses blowing smoke into their webcams. MistressNicolle is great about doing this slowly so I get to see all of the smoke pour out of her mouth. She pooches her lips together as she blows out the smoke to show how kissable she really is. Don’t let that kissable face fool you though. You’re not worthy of tasting the sweet lips of this mistress, nor am I. All we get to do is view them through a webcam, and she will remind you of that if you have any fetish cams with her.

Whether you want a woman with a whip or a master with a strap on, you can find what you need in MistressNicolle. She is incredibly diverse, and she can suit the slave training needs of a variety of men out there looking for the perfect master to pledge their loyalty to. She’s a boot mistress just as much as she’s a glove mistress, and she can punish you until you are literally begging for mercy. If that’s not a high quality cam mistress, I don’t know what is.

Check out MistressNicolle for yourself to see if you like her creativity. I think you’ll enjoy every second of fetish cam time you get with her.

Smoking mistress webcam

Smoking mistress webcamAh, MistressJoan – the smoking mistress that gets more satisfaction from her cigarettes than she ever could from her slaves. I’ve had several fetish cams with MistressJoan in the past, and they have almost all involved a lot of smoking, and a lot of control on my part trying to keep my erection from bursting out of my pants. I guess you could say I have no complaints…none.

MistressJoan loves to blow smoke at the camera so I can’t see her for a few seconds at a time. This makes me only want her more as there is an air of mystery about the way she looks. Every smoking mistress cam I have with her is highly erotic but also humiliating at the same time. How I would love to suck in all of the smoke that came from her plump lips and let it fill my body. She says I would never have a chance in hell of getting that kind of pleasure from her, and I don’t deny her for denying a loser of that. It’s what I want in the end.

You know, from the outside, MistressJoan actually looks kind of sweet. She’s not the kind of woman I would expect to be a badass dominatrix at night, but she is so good at punishing her slaves during any fetish cam session she conducts. She is incredibly demanding, and she makes me do things that no other master has ever made me do. I don’t want to tell you the juicy details though. That may ruin your fun surprises later on.

For the most part, I would describe MistressJoan as classy and elegant. She is a busty mistress with breasts large enough to feel right through a web camera, but she keeps them contained in a way that is both proper and intoxicating at the same time. I am always anxious to see what outfit she will be wearing for our next dominatrix cam because it is almost never the same two times over. She has a whole selection of sophisticated fetishwear to pull from at any time.

I’d recommend MistressJoan to any slave looking for a good smoking mistress cam session or a busty mistress to admire online. This high class, strict, and gorgeous dominatrix is one of a kind, and she is worth every penny you may spend on a session with her.


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EroticDomina is a strict mistress cam and the best sissy trainer ever!

Dominatrix webcamsEroticDomina is probably my favorite sissy trainer on the web. Over my time with fetish cams, I have gone through my fair share of sissy training, to the point that I am barely a man when I sit down in front of the computer. With that in mind, I am usually more submissive with some dominatrices than others. EroticDomina is one of the ones that I give up everything for. She is a strict strap on mistress that knows exactly what she wants from me whenever we have fetish webcams together. I can’t do anything but obey once I see her.

EroticDomina has a huge cock that she likes to wear on her strapon. I have a similar sized one that I have used in the past for some painful anal pleasure, and she always commands me to bring it out so I can feel what it would be like to have her fucking my ass. Sometimes I’ll sit on it or stick it to the wall so it feels more like an actual person is behind me. Then I just move as she tells me to until I get the feeling of the exact motions she is doing through her strap on mistress cam. The experience is incredibly degrading and arousing all at the same time. I love it.

EroticDomina has this pair of sexy leather chaps that kills me every time I see her in them. I love every part of the female body, but I especially love the legs on certain women. From the hints of EroticDomina that I get to see in our fetish cams, I can tell she has stunning limbs to stand on. The chaps show just enough to make me horny, but they deny me just enough to remember that I am her slave, not her lover. It’s a combination that you just have to see to understand.

I could go on and on about how much I fantasize about submitting myself to EroticDomina, but your time would be better spent actually going through that experience yourself. Take some time to have a few fetish webcams with her and see if you want her to be your virtual master. If you ask her to do a strap on mistress cam for you, you will surely have a painfully pleasurable experience worth remembering. Have fun, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.


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GoddessNadine Latex Mistress Webcam

Mistress webcamsGoddessNadine is a boot mistress that is really into degradation and humiliation. This is the latex mistress to go to if you want someone to tell you just how much of a filthy, worthless loser you really are. She loves to tease men about the size of their cocks, and she also loves her slaves to explain how pathetic they are. They don’t deserve her. No one does. Sound like your kind of fun? I thought so…

GoddessNadine fits into just about every fetish cam category you can think of. She wears a lot of latex and usually has boots on, but she also wears fetish masks and fishnets during her fetish webcams. She could be your foot mistress just as easily as she could be your boot mistress and anything in between. As long as you are worshipping her in some way, you should be fine.

This is an experienced fetish cam model, so you do not have to worry about fumbling around during your slut training. She knows how to command a man or woman to do whatever she wants them to sexually, and she knows what it takes to turn a regular Joe into a bona fide sissy boy in a matter of a few fetish cams. This mistress could definitely offer you a chance to get where you want to be in the dom world, which is on the bottom with all the other crap that you compare to.

I believe one of GoddessNadine’s favorite things to do in her webcam sessions is have her slaves worship whatever she is wearing on her feet at the time. That is usually a pair of boots, but sometimes it is something entirely different. I like to keep a pair of boots on hand so I can lick them and pretend they are hers in real if. I know they are not, but this helps me play into my fantasy of being with her a little bit more.

I’d be afraid to meet GoddessNadine in real life because I have a feeling I would be in pain for life. She’s that damn good at her job as a dom. She’ll deny your orgasms and make you wish you were never born at times. Then again, she will always have you craving for more. Give it a go with GoddessNadine and see what you think of her work as a boot mistress.

MissPasha fetish cam mistress need new moneypigs!

Fetish webcamsMissPasha is a prodomme with high expectations of her sluts. She’s a hypno mind fuck mistress who will literally rock your world from the mind to the body. There is no bullshit with Fetish cams pro domme MissPasha. She is going to get what she wants out of her slaves in the end. If you happen to be one of them, so be it.

While all women in fetish webcams chats like to work with men that have money, MissPasha demands it. Don’t go into a free chat with her expecting that you will be taken care f. She wants her slaves to pay to see her, and she rejects men with small wallets to match their small dicks. If you can pay for her services, she may be one of the best women you have ever worshipped online. It just depends on the kind of prodomme you may be looking for.

As far as I can see, MissPasha is willing to work in just about any fetish cams imaginable. The only thing she requests is that her slaves come prepared if they have a special fetish like CBT or SCH. If you don’t have any tools for the tricks, you will just need to see what sort of torture and abuse she will want to provide for you. Hopefully her offers will match your desires. It’s not your choice in the end.

MissPasha is certainly a sexy fetish cams mistress, with thick pouty lips that I would love to get a taste of. She has teased me with thoughts of her sweet wet pussy several times during my sessions with this hypno mind fuck mistress, and I must admit that I would love to have her facesit all over me. Whatever she wants, she would get.

As a whole, you just can’t be fake with MissPasha. She can sense when a slave is only acting obedient without truly committing to worshipping her. She can also tell when a slave is only talking to her in free chat to spare the money of a private session. Be real about your intensions and she will be real about the fetish cams services she provides for you.

You should be able to have a god time with this prodomme. She knows her stuff when it comes to fetish webcams, and she should easily be able to paint you a picture to fantasize about in the future.

Paypig humiliated by a mistress

Now I wanted to show you this video about how a paypig can be humiliated by a real cruel mistress… This is one of my favourite videos !

MistressKyara is the perfect boot fetish cams mistress

Live fetish webcamsMistressKyara is a nail mistress that is totally committed to her fetish cam work. I’ve seen a lot of women on fetish cams in my day, but I rarely see ones that put the same thought into being a dominatrix as MistressKyara. She owns her web slaves completely, and she knows exactly what she likes and does not like. As long as you are willing to endure her training, you should be able to work with this fetish cams mistress just fine.

I have a big boot fetish, and MistressKyara fetish webcam lady pulls off knee high leather boots brilliantly. She loves to shove them in the camera and ask me to describe what they look like. Every time I say words like “shiny,” “tight,” and “laced” I get a little more excited in my nether regions, if you know what I mean. She basically makes me turn myself on, and then she asks to see my dick just so she can make fun of how small it is. I never get to cum for her in the end. My balls just get blue and depressed.

MistressKyara live fetish cam likes her slaves to describe their own tortures, and she goes about it in a few different ways. She may ask you to pick up a toy that you have and describe how she would use it to abuse you. She may also have a toy or tool of her own that she will ask you to do the same thing for. If you do not make her sound mean enough, she will get angry and deny you the chance to see her. That makes the story telling all the more intoxicating.

MistressKyara is a fan of chains, and she likes her slaves to see just how she would have them tied up for fetish cams chats. She will sometimes illustrate this on herself, but usually she will have her slaves do that for her in their own homes. If you don’t have chains, you might want to find something close so that you can tie yourself up while she abuses you through the fetish webcams.

MistressKyara may not be perfect for every slave out there, but for the most part, I think she could make you happy. Worse comes to worse, you get a little bit of training from her that you would not have had before. I think she’s worth checking out at the very least.

Latex fetish cams domme Mistress DeeDee

Cruel mistress camMistressDeeDee is a fairly standard dominatrix who has been working with fetish cams for awhile. She know how to train her slaves, and she has taken on the role of a dominatrix full force. I’ve had a few different fetish cam sessions with MistressDeeDee myself, and they’ve all ended just the way I needed them to. She’s well worth the money – that’s for damn sure and if you just love fetish cams I strongly advice you to visit this fetish webcams mistress.

The thing I love about MistressDeeDee is that she actually sets up a scene for her slaves. It’s not like some fetish webcams where you just see a dorm room in the background that you’re supposed to imagine as a dungeon. She actually makes you feel like a slave in her home. She’s used a few different settings with me, but they all have an ominous vibe that works well with the seriousness of her slave training.

I always get this strong urge to have her facesit for me whenever I have fetish cams with her. I don’t know if that’s because of the constant demand for pleasure or if that is just because I find this dominatrix to be so fucking sexy. Whatever the case may be, I would gladly pay to have her twat all over my tongue if I could. I think any good slave would.

MistressDeeDee was actually one of the first dominatrices to introduce me to being a human toilet long ago. I was familiar with the concept, but she was really good about training me to be still while she released her waste in my body. This all happened through fetish webcams of course, but I’m confident I could be a human toilet in real life thanks to this toilet mistress. Too bad it couldn’t be for her.

I have a decent amount of torture devices on hand that my mistresses can use to virtually torture me with, and MistressDeeDee mistress cam said that she liked seeing a slave that came prepared. You might want to take note of that if you go into a session with her. Try to get a range of items that she can make you use on yourself, and for fuck’s sake – make sure you know how to use them.

I really have no complaints to make about my time with MistressDeeDee fetish cams. She told me right from the start that I was to be her pet – her toy – her tool to use as she pleased. I was happy to oblige accordingly. You could do the same without much trouble at all.

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