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FortuneMaker loves to take money from her slaves, and she is willing to drain you dry if you have the money to spare. She likes to be taken care of, and she loves a slave who can provide for her financially. If you pay her well enough, you may be lucky enough to be one of her favorites. You have to earn that kind of loyalty from her though.
In her mistress cam sessions, FortuneMaker fetish cam tends to cover up most of her body. She doesn’t like to reveal a lot of skin because it gives her pets the impression that she is willing to show them something. Slaves are not good enough for that. She will tease you with every part of her body, but she will deny you the chance to see it every time.
FortuneMaker is a smoking mistress, if you like to see a woman smoking a long cigarette. She blows the smoke straight into the camera, and sometimes she threatens to burn her slaves with the end of it if they don’t behave. She doesn’t like a slave to talk out of place, and she doesn’t like a slave who is loyal to other mistresses. You must devote yourself to this queen entirely, but you shouldn’t find that difficult to do.
While there are many girls working on fetish cams with sexy lips, FortuneMaker has a particularly nice set of them. She likes to lick on different toys she has on hand to tease her slaves, and she will blatantly ask you if you want her to suck your cock. Then she will likely make fun of how small it is, how it could never satisfy her, etc. She’s had better, and she is willing to rub that in your face.
As a whole, I’d recommend any slave looking for a financial mistress to check out what FortuneMaker has to offer. Whether you need a nail mistress, a boot mistress, or something in between, you should be able to get what you need out of FortuneMaker and her fetish cam sessions.